According to, there are 1,138 bitcoin ATMs around the world – that’s public ATMs that allow users to buy bitcoin in person without having to transfer money electronically through online sites like CoinBase or Coinbase. And many of these machines are located in major cities across North America and Europe.


Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It was created to redefine our relation with money and introduce a coin without borders and errors associated to banks and mines. Bitcoin is traded and used by millions of people all around the globe, offering an excellent range of possibilities for anyone looking to explore its features.


What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a form of digital currency. They can be used as a medium of trade or as a form of payment. In some cases, especially when using Bitcoins as a form of payment, you can pay for goods from traders from other countries. Bitcoins are traded on various exchanges called Bitcoin exchanges. Buying and selling Bitcoins on those exchanges is based at market price which means that if the bidding prices for Bitcoins rises or falls, you will feel the benefits or experience the hurt in your wallet immediately.


How are Bitcoins Created?

Bitcoins are created when people solve highly complex mathematical problems. It’s commonly believed that theses problems are so difficult that they will take years for a computer to solve one equations without help. However, because of the powerful computers employed by Bitcoin miners, it only takes 10 minutes on average to solve an equation. The downside to solving equations at rapid rates is the large amounts of electricity needed to accomplish this task


Blockchain & Bitcoin Mining

When you leave your coins on an exchange, they may be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet on the exchange. If the exchange ever goes out of business and loses its private keys to access these wallets, you will not get back your cryptocurrencies. For security reasons, it is best practice to store your coins in a wallet you control. However, because everything is stored on this device, it could be compromised if the hardware is faulty or falls victim to malware such as keyloggers. There are solutions that allow for cold storage; however; not all wallets permit this function.


How do you buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is not as complicated as it may first appear. The first thing to do is set up a bitcoin wallet. This will enable the person buying the bitcoins to receive them securely. There are many, many wallet options available that are of varying security strengths and types. Among some of the safest wallets are Coinbase or Exodus. Next, find a reputable Bitcoin trader near you by using an online search engine such as LocalBitcoins. When buyers find their traders they can trade familiar items like cash, PayPal, jewelry or televisions for bitcoins with the trader’s price being agreed upon beforehand.


Cold Storage, Paper Wallet, Hard Wallet

A paper wallet may be printed if the user knows how to do it and comes with the advantages such as no way for a cybercriminal to get access to them. It can store all of their cryptocurrency, even for small amounts that could not otherwise be saved on the computer. This is because wallets on hard drives or digital devices can become corrupted. Those who make a paper wallet will typically use a temperature-resistant printer or cut along a fold at a bank sheet of paper.



According to the blog, Bitcoin has been a great investment. However, buying it is a little tricky which is why you should read this blog from somebody who already bought Bitcoin from someone who invested earlier in order to get an idea of what to expect after you’re ready to buy.

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