It’s been a fortnight since the next rotation of the crypto market, but it looks like it’s time for another one. XRP, Ethereum, Tron, and Litecoin are under the focus once again. Let’s see what the latest developments are coming from these four coins that are worth your attention right now. Read this article for a complete cryptocurrency update! In this article you will find updates on XRP, Ethereum, Tron and Litecoin. undefined undefined The cryptocurrency market has been in flux lately, with Bitcoin down today after two straight days of gains. Expect high volatility in the markets from day to day, but over the long-term, Bitcoin is doing well.


Crypto Update: Ethereum, Litecoin


Cryptocurrencies are still on the ascent largely due to their scarcity – there are more than 1,500 different coins to date. Ethereum gambling-related coins have seen a surge of 122 percent in trading volume today, with XRP gaining 47 percent, Litecoin 23 percent, and more. The ETH fees shot up to $2.75 for those wishing to sell, and down to $1.24 for those looking to by. Long-time readers may recall how the Ethereum and Litecoin cryptocurrencies performed in our previous post. If you don’t, we cover five cryptocurrencies in this post: XRP, LTC, TRX, ETH and ETC.

This past month for ETH has been all about the upcoming hardfork that I won’t get into here. Litecoin launched a new bitcoin-based Lightning Network Point of Sale application that might get some people on board. This last one goes for all of them: China’s Tencent is said to be focusing on blockchain developments for payments and identity verification applications – though there are no official statements from Tencent on the matter.


Whispers of Censorship: XRP Clamps Down on Coinbase


On March 26 the XRP ledger went from 80 transactions per second to 800,000

Suggested improvements: make it more censorship resistant XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is being co-opted by Ripple. The company has started to clamp down on Coinbase accounts that have been taking advantage of the high prices of the currency to trade on margin contracts. Owners of XRP are unable to place trades through Coinbase starting after November 13, 2018.


Wirex Now Allows You to Deposit and Withdraw Cryptocurrency From the Platform


Wirex Company has finally added crypto deposits and withdrawals to their platform, which was a much-requested feature in the Wirex community chat. Now, users will be able to move Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP (XRP) in and out of their Wirex account just like any other traditional currency. The company offers solutions for successfully managing one’s finances without the need for bank accounts or cards.


The Litecoin Lead Developer Speaks About the Future of Transaction Costs


Charlie Lee, a well-known cryptocurrency specialist and litecoin’s main developer, made a tweet about Litecoin’s move towards becoming the ‘silver’ to bitcoin’s ‘gold’. Litecoin will eventually take on some of bitcoin’s properties while not improviding on them in order to deepen the use of Litecoin.

What is your opinion about this new information? I feel Litecoin has alot to offer the crypto markets right now, but to break free from Bitcoin, we have to have cheaper transactions. Recently, the Litecoin Lead Developer has said that transaction costs on Litecoin are continuing to decrease. Though they are still not as low as Ripple, he believes that this is a sign of future promise. He also had some comments about Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake protocols. He did believe that this could render Ethereum more vulnerable to attack, but he did not foresee any kind of issue.

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