With the circulating Crypto community waiting too see where come of Ethereum and Bitcoin’s AI technology, NFT Coin enters the stage being only 5 years old. The NFT Coin can be redeemed for the tokens associated to the SportsBook platform. The cryptocurrency was created by Jimmy Song undefined


What is NFT?


NFT, or non-fungible tokens, is a unique and different form of cryptocurrency that does not need an exchange or other intermediaries to allow for the trading of crypto assets. NFTs are unique in terms of the value possession of the asset; each asset has a finite supply and sales only produce more tokens. Next-generation trading cards or non-fungible tokens are often referred to as the next discovery in blockchain technology. The idea is to design a programmable economy where smart contracts will be able to track and assign profits earned from trading items based on unique token IDs that exist inside each card trading platform.


How is Cryptocurrency Changing AI?


Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have been changing the definition of artificial intelligence for years. All transactions are public information and can be tracked on the blockchain in this type of currency. Transactions like these help machines make judgements on financial trends, making them one of a few currencies that rely heavily on AI. In the beginning stages of modern society, governments and independent software providers upgraded the progression of AI. They gradually began making it easier for people to understand what it was that mattered most, machine learning and algorithmic decision-making. Given this setup over a period of many years, we saw how organizations were now able to make decisions on their own with relative certainty.


How can AI be solved with Blockchain?


Blockchain has been seen as a technological landmine over the years, but some people are looking at it as the way forward. AI occupies a similar space to blockchain by disrupting and innovating society with predictive and prescriptive algorithms that act autonomously. A group of Swiss scientists think they can use AI with Blockchain to create an “invisible” future. Blockchain is a technology that enables the masses to share information and transact online. This can be used with AI in order to help AI-enabled services and products further their potential. Blockchain would let AI take over the entire process, which would whittle down potential risks associated with AI.


Who is working on a solution to AI with Blockchain?


More and more industry experts are working on how blockchain can solve problem inherent with artificial intelligence. A key problem points to a lack of innovation at the AI market unregulated by central authorities. By implementing blockchain and incorporating artificial intelligence, new companies can increase trust in the AI space by providing information around government regulations and implementation that vary around the world. The blockchain offers a solution to the rapid development of AI. After the spread of “A.I.” technology, many realized that a malicious group can leverage one person’s talent or resources for their own purpose and disrupt basic societal needs. The same scenario with intelligent technology is in play as it also begins to alter our daily lifestyles. These issues are damaging as traceable data belong only to those who own it and anything can be resold by these so-called AI food vendors (meat industry).




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