Metaverse is a combining form. It was coined by author Neal Stephenson in the 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash”. Metaverse is depicted as a computer-simulated 3D world to which people connect via avatars and stunning visuals. This time machine will make you feel like you’re back in the ’90s, and actually help you to understand how hard it is for people who still think that VR will never take off. Even more, it will make you wonder how they can be still doing this in 2018.


“All I Want,” The Cardigans, 1996 You can’t fight it because the Cardigan’s 1996 hit “All I Want” may have been a satire on relationships, but it remains one of the best sweet, upbeat pop songs in modern times. What makes it so good is its catchy chorus: “All I Want is you.”


Avatars in the Metavreses


Avatars are real people who have volunteered to be digitized for the Metavreses. All of them are members of Earth’s community, but some are long-distance cross-time travelers who will never meet in person. Other avatars are purely virtual, simulated entities that might not exist at all outside of the Metavreses–but they will still be called “humans” because they were created with human tissue data. You’ll be able to search the database by rank, age, location, or hobbies. The avatars in the Metavreses will also be organized into similar categories for even greater ease of browsing, some pseudo-friends may actually live near you. The Metavreses will come from all spheres of human endeavor, but I know you’ll be especially interested in the people involved with Chaos. This is a new chance for us to meet.


What is a metaverse?

The new term “metaverse” is used to describe virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic technologies. They are all considered extensions of our reality that can be analyzed after they’ve been constructed. What would you call the realms of the first-person shooter game Overwatch? They should definitely be considered as one instance of The Metavreses even if they were different video game worlds. *Imagine if suddenly you had super powers? Would it be a metaverse too?. See the history of Virtual Reality below to understand how it all fits together.



Why an avatar in the metavresse could be considered human


Some might argue that an avatar isn’t human, but it would be hard to make that argument on quantitative grounds. Usually, if someone is very intent on denying an avatar the opportunity to exist, they use qualitatively-oriented arguments, typically with some sort of innate belief, typically scaring people by referring to robots “upgrading” their body parts. I’m really glad that we are where we are, culturally and technologically, because it opens up so many possibilities for us as a species. Maybe we can make all these crazy ideas in science fiction come true, who knows?


Implications for the near future (the far off future, technology trends)


For all intents and purposes, avatars may be considered to be humans of the future. The Metavases platform will enable each of us to create an avatar that can do almost anything you want it to do. This would overlap with the gender binary by making it irrelevant. The world would be a better place if we all lived as who we felt comfortable being.


Real people embodying brought AI and characters from fiction and films augmented with AI.Scenarios for the near future could be pertinent to what is happening right now in countries like China with lack of personal freedoms; the West could become a walled off city state of the ultra-rich surrounded by a sea of poverty.

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