While digital currencies have been popular in recent years, they have also been fraught with controversy, robbing consumers of their money. The New York Times recently produced a story on this topic, coming to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies are designed to rob rather than to fully reward people who purchase and store them. With better due diligence available now than ever before and a litany of alternative coins competing for consumer attention, it is no wonder that many investors are struggling to know where to start when it comes to cryptocurrency investing.




Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that’s not tied to a bank or government. It matches up digital information to encourage transparency. The goal of cryptocurrency is to provide peer-to-peer financial transactions, so sellers and buyers can connect without having to pay a third party like a bank. Cryptocurrency is a digital monetary system which was originally implemented as an alternative to the fiat currency. One way to invest in cryptocurrency (assuming there is an exchange you can use) is when the market value of cryptocurrency surges and “this type of rally has become the norm.” Many experienced traders “can identify a trend reversal or crypto bubble by looking for gains of 20% or more in less than a week.”


Top 3 Reasons Why Young People Invest in Crypto


The age of cryptocurrency has finally come. Young people are into cryptocurrency, and more investors are joining them each day. It’s not a surprise for people in their early 20s to be interested in this topic, as they’re well-informed and have the money to invest in this emerging asset class. I have done research on why young people should invest in cryptocurrency and why seniors should not. Cryptocurrency has been attracting numerous young investors the past few years. There is a common misconception that cryptocurrency investments and trading is only for those with experience, but young people across the world are already taking steps and getting involved in this market as more of a lifestyle rather than as a profession. The top three reasons why millennials want to invest in cryptocurrency include potential for becoming “multi-millionaires someday,” experiences through different exchanges, and learning about new technologies.


An Investment Guide for your 20s


The chances of investing in cryptocurrency can seem a bit daunting to some, but with the help of this guide, you will be armed with the knowledge and advice needed to make smarter decisions as you go. Cryptocurrency investing allows you to avoid some of the setbacks that a traditional investment might cause. As currencies are decentralized, they are not controlled by any one company or government entity, meaning they have less risk of governmental changes. Cryptocurrencies also never run out because their value can be regenerated by the industry if necessary through increasing operations and adoption rates.


Set Goals


Whether you’re a young person wanting to buy real estate or an established person looking to enter the space, there are similar needs that apply. Establishing a financial plan and setting goals is key when entering any serious investment space. Working out your financial plan early will have the most impact on 2017.


Research Tools to Help You Decide and Grow With Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency has many advantages over other investment vehicles. It is extremely volatile so beginners should probably ask someone who has some experience with investing before making a significant commitment. There are also many tools that can help you research and make investment decisions such as cryptocurrency market capitalization tools, coin price tools, trading apps and cryptocurrency forums.


Keep Perspective and Have Patience


Before you put your money in cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand what is driving them up and how reliable the latest data is. Just because a coin may gain 1,000% in a month doesn’t mean you’ll get returns like that. In fact, there are only a handful of cryptocurrencies with acceptance into major exchange markets and if they crash, you probably won’t be able to sell and make back your initial investment. It’s easy to get excited about the thought of getting a huge return on your investment or being able to leave your job for the rest of your life. With the cryptocurrency market booming, many are deciding that jumping in now is worth the risk. Some people point out fantastic returns from their investments and others have gained 5000% from their initial investment. Large gains like these can put people under a lot of pressure, so it is important to keep perspective.

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