Web3.0 is a concept which helps define the shift from Web2.0 to Web3.0. In a nutshell, a shift from data-centric services to a more app-centric model of applications and their interactions with marketplaces and other ecosystem-participants, all enabled by the decentralized web that includes decentralizing the production and delivery of web content. Some people refer this as decentralized web 3.0, Web 3.0 and hence the third implementation of the internet.

Why Is Web 3.0 Better Than Web 2.0?


What is web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is better than Web 2.0 because web 3.0 is focusing on the idea of decentralized internet which is safer, more affordable, and more accessible for everyone. It aims to turn the current centralized technology into a shared infrastructure that is open-sourced in order to negate its lack of scalability. Web 3.0 and blockchain will also help better protect users’ digital identity and resolve security and privacy issues that have existed on the web since the beginning. What makes a blockchain valuable?. There are a few things of importance for any form of data to be truly valuable and that is its integrity and accessibility. The data in the blockchain is preserved by decentralization — there are no central servers that store this data, but instead its stored in a distributed network of nodes. Anyone that has their PC on and connected to the internet can add their node to this multiparty network, thus ensuring accessibility and availability of this information. This means that there is no dependence on single third party to keep specific data up-to-date. Data integrity is also an important quality, and this is ensured by running a copy of the blockchain data on each node.


Why is it better than web 2.0?

At first glance, the world seems infinite. You place your hands on a cubic foot of dirt to make sure it’s really there, because it doesn’t look like anything at all. Not quite nothing, not quite something – how can you pick one thing to analyze? Web 2.0 put you in the position of looking for websites to post links on, which are then judged or weighed by an agreed upon set of basic rules that determine how excellent they are. But web 3.0 engages differently. First, everything else has changed so much throughout web 2.0’s history–novels have been edging out newspapers for 150 years now–that opinion pieces will have less traction than ever before. Now you see a movie, you read a book, you browse the web– something cutting edge, or rather indeterminate. Oh I wrote about that movie, when it was released do you recall? I thought the soundtrack was – well. Now we all scroll through links that have no edges, rather like a Borgesian library.



What are some of the changes to expect?


The goal of web 3.0 is to tie together the internet, the digital world, and the physical world. Websites are becoming interactive with BLE or NFC chips that are embedded in paper. SEO rankings are only valid for keywords on an individual site rather than for keywords on all sites of a search engine. Migration to more personal data will expose some individuals to more risks while exposing others of lower risk levels of their digital selves will bring new opportunities.


Whenever will web 3.0 be released?


Web 3.0 is seen by some to be complete or potentially complete. Another name is also the Semantic Web, which is marked for release around 2023. The semantic web relies on artificial intelligence to organize resources so they can be more easily found with various search engines. Beacuse web browsers don’t conform to standards, they are not able to display web pages in full under Web 3.0 standards yet.




Although the web 2.0 caters to the needs of much more people, web 3.0 is gradually becoming popular for its improvements in terms of security, privacy enhancements, and benefits to users in terms of intangible advantages that are difficult to quantify accurately. Earlier it was thought that the internet bubble had burst, now people believe that the rash of failures and layoffs is a sign that Web 3.

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